is the FIRST stock image website created specifically for the romance novel industry by the leading romance novel cover model himself, Jimmy Thomas (on over 6,000 novel covers), who not only produces and directs all his stock image photo shoots, he also hand selects, cleans, edits and crops all his RNC images. So you are getting 16 years of professional modeling, and 12 years of romance novel industry experience, including his passionate eye on romance, lust, mystery and intrigue, to guarantee the most romantic and passionate stock images on the web today. 

   From web and print size, non-exclusive stock images, to Pre-Made Covers ready for your novel title and author name you provide, to ordering your very own exclusive custom cover image, you can find all you need in romance novel industry images right here on RNC, and with still a good 100,000+ images to go through from past photo shoots, keep checking back for new image uploads.


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I love Jimmy's work. Super nice guy (met him last year at RNConvention) and brilliant entrepreneur....he is THE original when it comes to romance novel imagery sites (there was NO ONE and I repeat NO ONE who did this before he did and everyone else who is now doing it is following in HIS footsteps). He was the first and will always be tops in book cover imagery.
- Author, Cynthia Lucas

Dear Jimmy,
I'm a romance author and have been writing for many years. I sold 8 books and a novella to traditional publishers, and some of the covers were great, some were not so good. Now that I have the rights back to my books, I'm publishing them online, and have now entered the world of getting new covers, looking for the best stock images and generally trying to find that perfect cover. I've finally found a cover artist I like, but we work together to find the best stock photos. I've looked at hundreds of stock images over the past year. After I discovered your site, of course I looked at every photo on it. 

I am so impressed with your stock images. The quality of them, the posing, and most importantly, the emotions that are portrayed, are wonderful. You always manage to capture love, tenderness, and sensuality in your poses. The hero and the heroine really look at each other, really engage. I don't mind the occasional pose where the hero or heroine or both look at the camera. But I see it in numerous other images, where the model isn't involved in anything but having his/her picture taken, or maybe the photographer doesn't know how to coax the right mood and setting. 

The emotion and sense of romance were the first things I noticed about your pictures. I connected with them, so I'm sure readers will too. I wish I'd found your site much earlier, but I will be looking for images there from now on. I'm sure a lot of people don't realize that modeling and creating a fantasy is an art form, but it definitely is. You are a fantastic artist. Thank you for your contributions to romance covers.
- Best, Catherine S.

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All images found here on / target every romance novel genre; contemporary, contemporary romance, cowboy, detective, drama, erotica, fantasy, futuristic, highlander, historical, inspirational, interracial, medieval, mystery, paranormal, pirates, regency, renaissance, roman, romance, romantic, sensual, shape-shifter, suspense, thriller, vampire, western and young adult, with new images uploaded on a regular and ongoing basis. From royalty free licensed images for web and/or print usage, to exclusive, custom-made, rights managed licensed images for print and web usage, of romantic couples, sensual couples, erotic couples, sexual couples, passionate couples, lustful couples, and implied nude couples. Romance novel cover and website images is what we provide. 

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